Learn How to Trade and Drop Items in The Forest (2023)

In The Forest, a survival horror game, players are faced with the challenge of navigating through a dangerous environment filled with cannibals and mutants. Whether you choose to engage in combat or take a more peaceful approach, trading and dropping items with other players can greatly enhance your chances of survival. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the various methods of trading and dropping items in multiplayer mode, as well as provide tips on storing items and gear. Let's dive in!

The Metal Tin Tray: A Multiplayer-Exclusive Item

One of the key items for trading and sharing items in The Forest is the metal tin tray. Introduced in version 0.30, the metal tin tray provides players with 6 additional inventory spaces. These spaces can be used to store and share items with other players in multiplayer mode. It's particularly useful for items that cannot be dropped on the ground after looting, such as snacks, meds, and crafting materials [[SOURCE 1]].

To find the metal tin tray, head to the back of the plane in a multiplayer game. Once you have control of your character, make your way towards the back of the plane to collect the tray [[SOURCE 1]]. However, there may be instances where the tray is not present. In such cases, try reloading the game or launching another multiplayer session to see if the tray spawns. If all else fails, you can try recollecting it after you die [[SOURCE 1]].

Collecting Items with the Metal Tin Tray

Using the metal tin tray to collect and share items is a straightforward process. Here's how it works:

  1. Lay the metal tin tray on the ground.
  2. Place up to 6 items of your choice on the tray.
  3. Left-click the gear symbol to combine the items with the tray.
  4. Left-click the item(s) again to equip them into your hand.
  5. If you close your inventory prematurely, the combination will be undone.

It's important to note that not all items on the peninsula are eligible for trade. However, the metal tin tray provides a convenient way to share essential items like snacks, meds, and crafting materials with your teammates [[SOURCE 1]].

Other Methods of Dropping and Trading Items

In addition to the metal tin tray, there are several other ways to drop and trade items with other players in The Forest. Let's explore some of these methods:

Weapons: You can give weapons you craft or find to other players, but keep in mind that this will remove the weapon from your inventory. The best way to trade weapons is by using a Weapon Storage Rack or Wall Weapon Rack. These racks allow you to place ranged and melee weapons for other players to collect [[SOURCE 1]].

Armor: To store and trade armor, you can craft an Armor Rack. This rack can hold up to 10 pieces of armor, providing a convenient way to stock up on armor sets. Additionally, you can use a Skin Rack to store specific types of armor, such as lizard skin. It's worth noting that only bone armor covers the head part of the armor, appearing as a mask or headpiece [[SOURCE 1]].

Throwables and Ammo: Explosives, Molotov cocktails, and rocks can be stored in an Explosives Holder or Rock Holder, respectively. These holders allow you to stock up on these items for unexpected encounters. Arrows can be stored in an Arrow Basket, providing a way for other players to restock their supplies. You can also craft a birdhouse next to a Stick Rack to gather materials for arrow crafting [[SOURCE 1]].

Food, Drinks, and Medicine: Having a reliable supply of food, drinks, and medicine is crucial for survival. Large or Small Cabinets can be used to store items like booze, herbal medicines, meds, snacks, and sodas. Crafting multiple Water Collectors is an efficient way to collect rainwater and ensure everyone has access to drinkable water. Additionally, you can use an Old Pot to make stews and an Animal Trap to catch animals for food [[SOURCE 1]].

Bugs and Glitches to Be Aware Of

While trading and dropping items in The Forest can greatly enhance gameplay, there are a few bugs and glitches to be aware of. Here are two notable ones:

Metal Tin Tray Duplication Glitch: The metal tin tray can be used to duplicate certain items in the game. To perform this glitch, you need to have over 30 eligible items, such as leaves, old gun ammo, teeth, sap, coins, feathers, batteries, and arrows. By adding all of these items to the tray and pressing the G key, you can duplicate them back into your inventory. Keep in mind that this glitch works best if you are not the host of a multiplayer game [[SOURCE 1]].

Item Duplication Glitch: Another duplication glitch involves two players having an entire inventory of a particular item on the ground. By spamming the E key to collect the items simultaneously, there's a chance that the items will duplicate on the ground. This glitch can be used for various items, including rocks, logs, sticks, and food. However, success may vary depending on the server [[SOURCE 1]].


Trading and dropping items in The Forest is a crucial aspect of multiplayer gameplay. Whether you're sharing essential supplies, weapons, or armor, these interactions can greatly enhance your chances of survival on the peninsula. By utilizing the metal tin tray and other storage options, you can ensure that you and your teammates are well-equipped for the challenges that lie ahead. Stay vigilant, cooperate with your fellow players, and may you conquer the forest together!

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